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Plateau Photography:

Our Mission:
Our goal is to inspire and motivate children to learn and care about the natural world.  We accomplish this by providing children education, research and preservation programs and projects at the
Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.

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Austin Casson

Works of art available to purchase from the artist and the SRPF

About the Artist
Nationally recognized sculptor Austin Casson who has been working with the Santa Rosa Plateau Foundation for many years has offered a special fundraising approach to help support the children's educational program at the Reserve. As Austin has said "If you have never seen the children arriving at the Visitor's Center and engaging in this natural educational experience, you have missed a wonderful opportunity." Over the years, Austin's sculptures have raised over $10,000 for the Foundation. Casson will be offering several of his sculptures for sale to benefit the program. Twenty percent of all sales will be donated to the Foundation. This 20% will become a tax write-off directly to the buyers.

If you would like to see these sculptures in the privacy of your own home prior to purchase, contact Austin by email or phone at 951-316-4294. You can see more about Austin and his work on his website.

Pieces for Sale

"From Up Here"
Click to enlarge
This steel red-tailed hawk sculpture stands 48" tall on an elk horn base. $3000
20% is a tax-deductible donation directly to the foundation.

"Hawk Woman"
Click to enlarge
This steel and ceramic sculpture stands 30". The finish is a dramatic combination of blued steel and rust. $3500
20% is a tax-deductible donation directly to the foundation.